Saturday, 25 April 2015

Kenny G (feat. Robin Thicke) - Fall Again

It feels like a fire that burns in my heart
Every single moment that we spend apart.
I need you around for every day to start;
I haven't left you alone.

There's something about you, it's there in your eyes,
Everything I'm looking for I seem to find.
All this time away is killing me inside -
I need your love in my life.

I want to spend time 'til it ends,
I want to fall with you again.
Like we did when we first met,
I want to fall with you again.

We fought in a battle, but nobody won,
And now we face a mountain to be overcome.
You can't turn away: the past is said and done;
I need us to carry on.

I want to spend time 'til it ends,
I want to fall with you again.
Like we did when we first met,
I want to fall with you again.

You'll try everything
You never thought would work before.
When you live for, you love and you give 'em your all,
You can always give 'em some more.

Baby, nothin' means anything
Unless you're here to share with me.
I can breathe, I can bleed, I can die in my sleep
'Cause you're always there in my dreams.

I want to spend time 'til it ends,
I want to fall with you again.
Like we did when we first met,
I want to fall with you again.

**This song has been on repeat for quite sometime on my phone. Originally was sang by our dear Michael Jackson. It was composed, written and produced by Robin Thicke and Walter Afanasieff. 

Robin Thicke's voice has that soul which you rarely hear nowadays. Kenny G even said that, "His voice is so emotional and soulful, the combination of his voice and my saxophone really hits the perfect tones for my new album.Such a sexy yet soothing song and with that saxophone playing, adds in more emotion and soul in it. 

Love it! <3


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Movie Review : The Trials of Cate McCall

Cate McCall (Kate Beckinsale) becomes an alcoholic lawyer after she sent an innocent man to prison thinking that he was guity. Before that, she was a hotshot lawyer but now she is recovering from being an alcoholic and on probation because of her argument with the judge who sent her to Breathalyzer test. The judge then put her on probation in a small office. She, on the other hand, wants to win back the custody of her child who is now living with her father. Therefore, she has to take on an appeal case of a women who are wrongly accused of murdering another women. To show that she deserve the custody of her child, leading a stable life and to be reinstated back to the bar. 

It was a really nice movie. Clichè but with a little bit of twist. The tension of the story is good and it keeps the mystery alive until at the end of the movie. Being a lawyer is such a difficult task because you do not know whether your clients are telling you the truth or the other way around. It is the duty of the lawyer to defend the case that they take on no matter which side they are in. To balance up the personal life outside of the court rooms and inside is a multi-task job. 

For Cate McCall, it was difficult to balance both work and personal. She never loses a case and always on the winning team list. But after that case she took on, 12 years ago, she found out that the man she puts in prison was innocent and that kills her bits by bits. Now, she was given a similar appeal case. As she investigates with her friend, Bridges ( Nick Nolte), the evidence points out that Lacey Stubbs (Anna Anissimova), her client, is innocent and the case is just a cover up for the police mistakes. But is she really guilty or will Cate made another mistake again just like she did with the previous one? It is something that keeps us wondering until the end of the movie. 

I would say that Kate was totally flawless in her acting in this one. Plus, she is seriously gorgeous and I like how she acts as a mother who tried to get her own daughter to like her to being the serious, hardworking lawyer that would do anything to win the case for her clients. This kind of movie which involves the lawyers and court rooms usually are appealing to me because of the evidences has been touched and altered, there were police involvement in it, the twist and turns in the court room, how the lawyer interrogate the witnesses and so much more. It takes a good script to write an engaging conversations between them to make the audience stays the same pace with the movie and does not get bored with it. The characters and the plot is well developed in this movie and the plot twist will surprise the audience. 

On the final note, the movie actually tells us about the things that revolves around us in everyday life. Manipulation from those people who looked innocent on the outside, added with their sad stories, making us believe in them when we are not supposed too. It takes instinct and do what your heart feels the best to separate those who are innocent and guilty. Besides, it also portrays about second chances. To prove yourself to others, even though you may have make a bad decision before. One mistakes does not and will not bring you down, if you do not let them be. 

One thing that I learned from the movie is that, whatever things that does not go according to our way, do not blame others for it. If we keep on putting the blame on others, then we do not see what is flawed in ourselves. Hence, we will not be able to move forward and fix those thing to become a better person. It is a matter of choice. Be better or be worse. Just do not give up until you find your own specialty. Find that special thing in you, look deep down into yourself and hold on to it. 

At least, you do not give up, right? <3


Friday, 3 April 2015



Pada luarannya,
pada zahirnya,
kita bebas.

Tetapi di sebalik jasad yang bernyawa,
tersimpan segumpal daging
yang bernama hati.

Di usia muda,
laksana kain putih,
gelak ketawa,
riuh-rendah suasana,
semuanya seakan tiada cela,

ia bertukar menjadi hitam,
dek sesetengah manusia,
yang melemparkan
warna-warna kelam.
Menjadi perbuatan norma
sesama manusia,
yang akhirnya
menodai jiwa.

Jadi tanya pada diri,
Bebaskah hati ini
daripada hasad dengki?
Bebaskah hati ini
daripada meninggi diri?
Menghakimi seseorang bagai Tuhan,
berdendam dan buruk sangka
pada yang lain,
untuk menampakkan diri lebih baik.

Kotoran warna-warna kelam itu
akan selalu ada,
jika tidak dibasuh
dengan penyesalan.
Dendam, riak,
jika tidak dijauhkan
menjadi bara api
yang makin sukar

Sering terkurung,
hati ini,
terpagar dengan cinta duniawi,
yang asyik bak ilusi.
Membuatkan kita lalai,
leka seketika
tanpa kita duga.

kebanyakannya bebas
pada zahirnya,
luaran saja.

Tetapi di dalam hati
mereka terperangkap,
tidak bebas,

3 April 2015, 11.46pm

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